PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT looking for commission-based income or cold-calling of any type, thanks.

An actual resume doesn't always capture all of your life experiences or those experiences that give you knowledge without any official documentation, e.g., When I was in the Army in Basic training the first time, I would write poetry (for a price) for guys to send to their girlfriends. What I really want to do is find a niche somewhere in entry-level web development or content writing/editing or anything else for that matter, that can use my perfectionist, detail-oriented, nit-picky-english-loving, sometimes single-minded-ability to focus on a problem or situation.

Or something that can utilize my creative side. As well as proofread and edit, I can write content for your website or newsletter. There are two links, one is a bare-bones work history and the other is more of a curriculum Vitae (Which, loosely translated from Latin is "The Course of My Life" or my life's story) including other stuff about me that may or may not be pertinent.

"...I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king..."


Prudentia Sit

My blog

I don't do social media but do enjoy having my own site and blog, called Prudentia Sit, meaning, "Let Common Sense Prevail." which is where my journey started (Oct 4 of 2004).


Louis L'Amour Fan Stuff

What I have attempted to do

is take my favorite sets of stories, the Sackett, Chantry and Talon novels and put them in chronological order. Here, dedicated to my grandson, Trent, are

My Louis L'Amour Fan Pages:



Other things I have done or that I like, including works in progress.


obeythebible.com is a doctrinal work in progress I have started, using Wordpress.

A Couple of Army Things

I have the 3 general orders and all the verses I could find of "They Tell Me In The Army"

Brothers Campfire

A Wordpress site I'm helping out with. The content there is not mine.

The Golden Rule

People don't always know that the teaching we call "The Golden Rule" has been around a long time and spoken by many different people.

Links I Use

Places I go all the time or often use for reference.
* It should be obvious, but if you click a link that goes off my site I can't possibly be responsible for the content. *

Coming Soon!

The website for my business