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Welcome to My Louis L'Amour Fansite

Louis L'Amour is one of my favorite authors. He wrote 89 novels and I don't know how many short stories and poems. What I have attempted to do is take some of my favorites, the Sackett, Chantry and Talon novels and put them in chronological order. While the Sacketts are the best known, he had also planned to write 2 other series about the Chantry and Talon families giving a sort of history of the U.S. in story form.

I met an old cowboy in New Mexico one time who had ridden up and down the entire Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and he told me that there was not a place mentioned in one of Louis' books that didn't exist. If he says there is a stream in a certain place, or a rock formation, or whatever, it is there or you can see that it was there.

7/26/15: I decided to put my personal chronology back the way I had it, with Fair Blows the Wind as number 3. If you are interested in my reasoning you can Click Here

The other three pages I wrote are just ones I like. The 3 general orders did get quite a few hits, one from somebody's iPhone on a military base, so I figure it's useful too.